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I've purchased a class for $10, what does that apply that to?


The class pass applies to classes listed when purchasing, which are: Total Body Burn, ABSolutely All About That Bass, Xteme Barre Burn, Pilates Mat and Friday Flex and Stretch f

The class pass does not apply to what is not listed which is:  The MATrix Method™ or any videos included in the video plan.  However, there are and will be from time to time free videos posted on the site for your view. 


Why isn't The MATrix Method included in any of the pricing plans?

The MATrix Method™ is a class designed that is trademarked and specialized unlike any other class on the schedule.   For this reason, it is not only exclusive here, but the venue to which I'm bringing it to you must remain exclusive.

How does the video plan work exactly?

Many of my clients do not have the flexibility either with work or with children or just the demands of their lives to take my scheduled classes on Zoom but still want to remain connected to my teaching style.  For that reason, I designed the video plan. Every week I will upload new videos that remain for that week ONLY however, I will update them weekly so throughout the month, you will have new workouts. That way your workouts won't remain the same and your body and mind will train in different modalities staying fresh and vibrant!  You will also receive new and exciting material weekly - this will keep you connected with me as well instead of watching the same videos over and over for the entire month.

I've got some limitations, can I REALLY do your classes?

As with any exercise regimen, as stated in the terms and conditions, you should consult your physician for your specific restrictions and guidelines.  However, most of my classes have modifications for the active participant.  If you would like to discuss your current physical limitations, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss whether my classes are right for you, or if we can come up with an alternative.  Movement is life and I'm all about living your best life!

I am not very flexible at all, can I participate in the Flex and Stretch?

The Flex and Stretch does take into account that you have a base of support to work from however, there are ways to begin by sitting in a chair or elevated surface, using a stretch strap, sheet or towel and you can begin slowly. Success is measured individually so it's important not to compare!

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