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"The MATrix Method was a class I never thought I would participate in but I'm glad I did.  All I did prior was lift weights and do sports, but going to Kari's class was life changing.  She was beyond professional from start to finish, making sure everyone worked giving it their best effort without sacrificing posture which Kari made sure to explain that having the right posture throughout every exercise is key.  I was more sore from one class than going to the gym for a week, it worked every muscle in my body equally in a shorter time frame than I would do in a workout session in the gym.  Kari is always high energy, good vibes, smiling with welcoming arms that give you a kick ass workout you can't wait to love to hate!"

Isac  Cardenas

Physical Therapist


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"Love, love, LOVE Kari's classes. I've been taking them for a year. She's tough but she gets you to where you want to be!"

Joanne Negron

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