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Private Schedule




                     *6 Week sessions

Preventative Athletic Conditioning and Training for EVERY ATHLETE and/or young aspiring physically active teenager. With the ever changing times, it is important to stay physically and mentally fit.  This program will not only keep you aspiring towards your goals as an athlete, but help you stay sharp and active during pause periods.  Get stronger, increase your foot speed, endurance, stamina and come back with a better understanding of your body and how it can perform for you and your sport for the ultimate comeback!

The MATrix Method™️

Group Training

By Appointment Only

The MATrix Method™ brings the art and contrology of Pilates along with the athleticism of H.I.I.T. wrapped up in one 45 minute sweat session.  With you, your mat and your body, there's no limit to what you can do.



Group Training By Appointment Only

Build, lift, achieve, sustain and train your way into your best body. Total body work including cardio for the ultimate melt and burn.  All levels welcome as progressions and modifications given for any and all.  This is your workout - what are you gonna do with it?!

All About That Bass

Group Training By Appointment Only

No treble...45 minutes dedicated to the baseline, your money maker, what yo' Mama gave ya'!  We'll shape, sculpt, mold, burn, lift and tighten your way to a shapelier bottom line.  Then tone up EVERY muscle you knew you had and some you didn't know existed in your mid-section!

Barre Burn Xtreme

Group Training By Appointment Only

Barre is one of the most effective workouts to get lean and tone, don't let those small weights fool you!  With the addition of cardio and compound movements, you'll be burning, pulsing and squeezing your way to a new body before you know it!

 Flex and Stretch

Group Training
By Appointment Only

After a week of intense workouts and the day to day demands of your schedule, take time to flex and extend your muscles in a way that will have you sitting pretty for the weekend! 

Pilates Mat

Group Training
By Appointment Only

Pilates is one of the most effective ways to engage your body fully.  Using your "powerhouse" consisting of your abs, back and glutes - you will control your way through your workouts and lengthen and strengthen your body in the most amazing ways possible.

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