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 I always wanted to be an Interpreter for the United Nations, languages came easily to me but when I had to choose either Japanese or Mandarin in college, I switched to a double major in Psychology and Sociology keeping a concentration in Spanish and French.  One day while I was working out in the city, I was asked if I had ever competed in fitness. I was a Division 1 athlete and had the physique, but competing had never crossed my mind.  Well, that's where my fitness  journey found it's humble beginnings.  I quickly learned that my background could be easily applied in the fitness field.  Clients were not only interested in changing and improving their bodies, but a transformation of the mind was also necessary to make the change in the physical sense.  The mind and the body are diversely connected, which is why I think I've had so much success on a personal level with my clients.  Fitness is not just about how you look, it truly is a way of life.   How you perceive yourself has as much to do with how you feel on the inside as how you look on the outside.  I just turned 50 this year (2019) and I feel better now than I have most of my fitness life and I have no plans of stopping any time soon.  This thing we call life is an amazing journey that waits for no one, so I say let's get after it, and have fun while we're at it! 


What's your favorite thing about fitness?

"There's a place for every BODY and everybody has a place"









Counseling and Therapy

Certified Coach

Red Cross CPR

First Aid Certified

Safe Sport Training

Impact Concussion Management Training

Fitness Education National/Global


Schwinn Spinning

Reebok Cycling

Reebok Step

Reebok Slide


Thomas the Promise Boxing

Body Pump


Urban Rebounding

Kwan Do

Physical Mind Pilates Mat

Power Pilates Mat

Power Pilates Reformer

Power Pilates Advanced Magic Circle

Fitness Education Independent




Barre Burn

360 Fire and Ice

Blockbuster Training




Metcon 3

The Figure Method

Lotte Burke

Warrior Sculpt

Edg Cycling

Edg Sculpt Cycling

Coaching Experience

Certified Coach in the State of CT 2007-Present

Darien High School State Championship/FCIAC Championship Team
USAFH Level 1 Certified Coach
Field Hockey Club of CT - Field Hockey Elite Travel Team
FC United Club Coach - Field Hockey Elite Travel Team
New Canaan Country School - Field Hockey and Basketball Coach
Long Island University - Division 1 Field Hockey Coach

Playing (Professional) Experience

Division 1 Field Hockey player 1987-1991 

First Team All-American 1991

Nutmeg State Game Open Team Champions

NEFHA Big Apple Hockey Team

2014 USA Womens Masters World Cup Field Hockey Team (Holland 2014)

2016 USA Womens Masters World Cup  Field Hockey Team (Australia 2016) 

2018 USA Womens Masters World Cup

Field Hockey Team (Barcelona 2018)

21 International caps

Independent Class Designs

Light and Tight (Heavy weights not needed for this head to toe sweat session. Use light weights, bands, and your own body weight to create the ultimate physique!)

B.L.A.S.T. (Build, Lift, Awaken, Strengthen, and Tone your body is this 55 min workout.  45 min of blasting fat away, building lean muscle, & finishing with 10 min of core work.  Awaken every muscle you own (and some you never thought you had), strengthen and tone every inch of your body.  If it sounds like a lot-it is! Bring your A game!!

The MATrix Method™ - click tab

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