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Better, Stronger, Balanced


Permission and opportunity are two words you will live by in The MATrix Method™.  With you, less than an hour a day and your mat, your boundaries are limitless and abundant.


Give yourself permission

Whether you've come into this with years of experience or as a novice, one of the elements needed for success in The MATrix Method™ is the ability to give your self permission to allow your body to go where it needs to go.  Leave your limits around the parameters of your mat and when you step on, be ready to create your masterpiece. Be ready to go deeper, feel more and find a new level that you never knew existed within you.


About The MATrix Method™

"Where the art of Pilates and grit of High Intensity Interval Training meet"

With Pilates finding its origins from none other than Joseph Pilates who perfected the technique of movement in the body and how the body connects to the mind, Pilates was originally called “Contrology”.  The mind/body connection that was and still is required to perform Pilates today is extraordinary, which is why, when Pilates is preformed with thoughtfulness and mindfulness as it’s intended, the body responds in magnificent ways!

Joseph Pilates studied anatomy specifically and how every part of the body moved.  Because of this, the exercises performed in Pilates whether they be on the mat or equipment have a defined purpose.  With the evolution of fitness, many fads have come and gone but one consistent training method, no matter what you call it, is the intensity of INTERVALS!  More recently defined as HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, a participant has the opportunity to tap into heart rate training zones for maximum caloric expenditure, creating the ultimate workout experience.  The even better news is, every participant has the opportunity to work at their pace, their level and as their body allows the momentum to move forward, or stay right where they are in the moment!  

While Pilates has many forms, one of the most powerful forms is on the MAT to which there is little to no assistance performing the exercises…just the pure joy of your body and how it responds to your movement.  You are in control, you are in charge and you are in the drivers seat!  In Pilates we refer to your “Powerhouse” or your abdominals, back and gluteal muscles, that are the center of your movement.  While performing Pilates, your body is creating a symphony…meaning, you may be performing an exercise utilizing the lower body but you will find a deep engagement in your upper body stabilization required to sustain the exercise, thus every part of your body working successfully to create movement OR every instrument striving harmoniously together to create a beautiful piece of music!

In recent years, professional athletic teams have understood the benefit that Pilates brings to the table in their fitness regimen.  It is not uncommon to have an entire NFL, NBA or MLB (just to name a few) team being required to participate in Pilates because of the added benefits it brings to the field of play.  In the same sense, in the fitness scene, we have brought more athletic workouts to the forefront like Crossfit, and workouts that require incredible amounts of core strength, yet clients are not always as prepared as they could be to participate in these types of workouts.  Not to mention the limited amount of time that’s dedicated to actually lengthening the muscle and after we’ve strengthened it.  So what we’re left with are tight, sore, overworked muscles that need a little cross-training themselves.

As an athlete all of my life, I understand the role a strong “Powerhouse” plays in not only athletic movements, but in my day to day routine.  I have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and have studied over 25 certifications!  All of my education and experience in this field has led me to this one path….The MATrix Method™.

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