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"Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life."


No matter what your goal looks like, The MATrix Method™ is the change you've been waiting for. Every time you step on the MAT, you will discover a deeper connection, inner strength and super power that exists only within YOU, and only something that you can find leaving it all on the MAT.

What are you waiting for?​​  Find out how The MATrix Method™ can change your life today. 

WHAT makes The MATrix Method™ UNIQUE...

Energy in,
Energy Out

Proven techniques

Minimal Equipment
Maximum Effort

Improved Strength 
Balance, Flexibility and Mobility

Your time, trix on MAT=success

Deeper connectivity with
Every movement

"After a serious injury at the age of 50, I was left to rehabilitate my body back into fitness. 
Through that time, I developed a method that not only got me back to competing, but changed my entire philosophy on what being fit should look and feel like" -

Kari Galu, Creator of
The MATrix Method™

What people are saying about
The MATrix Method™

Change your workout...

Change your life

By incorporating this athletic based, Pilates infused, individually inspired workout to your routine.


"I began training with Kari when I was in high school (6+ years ago) and she played an instrumental role in helping me reach my goal of becoming a division one athlete. Kari’s infectious enthusiasm, individualized approach during group sessions, and genuine concern for her client’s well-being is unparalleled. I am so grateful for the strength, confidence, and ‘can-do’ attitude that Kari has instilled in me and highly recommend any opportunity to work with her!"

Joanne Nazareth

Division 1 Field Hockey Player


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 I always wanted to be an Interpreter for the United Nations, languages came easily to me but when I had to choose either Japanese or Mandarin in college, I switched to a double major in Psychology and Sociology keeping a concentration in Spanish and French.  One day while I was working out in the city, I was asked if I had ever competed in fitness. I was a Division 1 athlete and had the physique, but competing had never crossed my mind.  Well, that's where my fitness  journey found it's humble beginnings.  I quickly learned that my background could be easily applied in the fitness field.  Clients were not only interested in changing and improving their bodies, but a transformation of the mind was also necessary to make the change in the physical sense.  The mind and the body are diversely connected, which is why I think I've had so much success on a personal level with my clients.  Fitness is not just about how you look, it truly is a way of life.   How you perceive yourself has as much to do with how you feel on the inside as how you look on the outside.  I'm in my 50's and I feel better now than I have most of my fitness life and I have no plans of stopping any time soon.  This thing we call life is an amazing journey that waits for no one, so I say let's get after it, and have fun while we're at it!