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Hiding behind the screen

Updated: May 21, 2020

The length of time it takes to form a habit varies from person to person depending on behavior and circumstances - but on average, that number is 66 days. That's 9.4 weeks, or just over 2 months. In COVID terms, it's longer than we've been in Quarantine. So, my question to you is, what habits have you been hiding behind your screen and are they habits that you are proud of and/or habits you would be wiling to share openly with others given the chance?

Now this is not in any way shape or form meant to be accusatory! Just to be self aware...

When we are not accountable because we have been isolated, we tend to allow self-doubt, self-pity and a whole host of other emotions infiltrate our otherwise healthy self worth for lack of so many affirmations. We crave affirmation in so many ways. We desire it from our loved ones, from our co-workers, from total strangers and now that we are isolated, those affirmations are few and far between leaving some who would not otherwise question their worth, to now question their value and sometimes their very existence.

This can go in a few hope is that you have found a healthy, reaffirming habit, to fill those voids. Perhaps you've now had time to do something you never had time to do before, maybe you can place your focus in a new direction because before you were so clouded with the business of life that your vision was unclear. Whatever this time has brought you, I anticipate that it has formed habits of positivity for your future self and planted seeds of encouragement that will reap a full bountiful harvest on the other side. Because there WILL come a time when the screen will go away and you will once again be in the presence and the captivity of others that can sway and influence you with their affirmations. But will you have deposited in yourself something worthwhile to return back to over and over again when the temptation of self-doubt rears it's head again? I believe strongly that you will have, because I believe in you.

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